Tonight…Four Teams to Move On and Four Teams to Head Home

Posted: February 23, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

In SoCal tonight, there are four JUCO playoff games that will move on four teams that will play in the  the sweet 16 teams.  On the other hand, four more teams will be heading home and thinking about next year.

  1. Riverside verses Cerritos
  2. Ventura verse Copper Canyon
  3. Allen Hancock verses Fullerton
  4. Mt. San Jacinto verses Orange Coast

In the past years my JUCO fan friends had lots of fun predicting who would win these play off games and guess what, we weren’t very good at it at all so no more of that.  Cerritos, Copper Canyon, Fullerton and Orange Coast all are playing at home and  are favorites.  For some reason I have a feeling that there will be one upset tonight…won’t tell you who I think it will be.

Just like last Wednesday’s round 1 play-ins where there was an upset;  AVC upset Cuesta on the road.  Now their reward is to take on San Bernardino on the road.  Should be a fun night.


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