About the Cuesta and AVC Play Off Game

Posted: February 21, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

When I finish this post about tonight’s game between AVC and Cuesta, we will be loading up the car for the 200 mile drive to Cuesta College.  Yesterday’s practice for AVC was spirited and the team looked healthy and happy to take on the game.

Neither Cuesta or AVC are happy with their overall year.  AVC 16-14 and Cuesta 16-15.  On the other hand, both are happy to make it to the Round 1/Play in game.  Cuesta picks up one advantage…a home game verses a 400 mile round trip for AVC.


Cuesta is known for its three point shooting…35.6%…which AVC is going to have to defend.  If AVC gives up wide open three’s, the game could be over before it starts.  AVC on the other hand is shooting a 32.4% from beyond the arc.  Both team is shooting 45.4% overall.

AVC is dominate in free throw shooting 70.8% verses Cuesta’s 61.9%


AVC dominates on the boards 38.7 verses Cuesta 32.5.


AVC has 13.5 turnovers per game verses 12.5 for Cuesta.

Finally, AVC should expect a slow down game with zone defense while AV will try to up the pace and score in transition.

Time to load up the car and enjoy our trip to Cuesta College.

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