Self-Control and Good Food Wins This One…AVC Heads To Victor Valley on Saturday

Posted: February 9, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

This game could be considered the biggest game of the year for Antelope Valley College.  A loss here pretty much puts AVC out of the Conference championship.  A win on the other hand put AVC right in the thick of things to win the conference.

Add to that, AVC and Victor Valley each have won a game against each other this year,

  1. Game 1- Victor Valley 76 – AVC 74
  2. Game 2 – AVC 71 – Victor Valley 69
  3. Game 3 – AVC ??? – Victor Valley ???

technical foulAdd to that, AVC and Victory Valley teams don’t much like each other.  In the first two games, five technical fouls have been called against the two teams;  three against Victor Valley and two against AVC.  You can be sure that the officials in this third game are going to have a very quick whistle to keep this game in control, so the team that keeps their emotions under control will win this game. 

The computer…Massey Ratings…has AVC a 4.5 winner in tomorrow’s road game.  AVC’s starting post player and point guard are probably out again for this game.

Finally, Victor Valley has added an additional reason to attend the game this year;  The Cracker Barrel Restaurant has opened this week in Victor Valley.  Heading out early to get some great food and a win at Victory Valley.

cracker barrel


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