Great Conference Start But, Now the Work Begins for AVC

Posted: January 19, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

Antelope Valley College played well enough to win its first two games in it’s conference schedule.  One game at home and one game on the road.  Now however, the real work begins.  AVC takes on #12 SoCal ranked,  Victory Valley College, tomorrow at AVC.  Victor Valley has already beaten AVC once this year…76-74…in the pre-conference Cuyamaca Tournament.

AVC has a 12-10 record in comparison to Victor Valley’s 11-7.  AVC has out scored VV 78.6 verses 72.7 ppg.  Victor Valley has out shot AVC from beyond the arc 34.6% verses 31.5% for AVC.  Also, Victor Valley has 14.4 assists per game verses  AVC’s 12.7.  AVC has out rebounded VV 38.4 verses 36.6.

Based on statistics, AVC and Victor Valley are very equal teams in nearly all areas.  To win this game and get their revenge against Victor Valley, AVC is going to have continue to dominate the rebounding, shut down VV open 3 point shots and take only good shots to improved their own shooting percentage.

Osi Nwachukwa, leading rebounder/second leading scorer for AVC, is again questionable for this game based on his foot injury.

Another big crowd at the Antelope Valley College Gym would give them the exuberance they need  to stay undefeated in their conference run.  Massey Ratings predicts that AVC will win by 9.5 points.



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