AVC’s Teamwork and Perseverance Gets Road Win

Posted: January 18, 2018 in AVC Men's Basketball

Last year when I wrote about this game on the road against LA Valley, AVC lost and it ultimately led to their inability to win the conference championship.  Sure,  AVC still went to their second straight State Tournament but the team remembered last year’s loss.

Things didn’t look good this year as Osi Nwachukwa one of AVC’s top players was injured and could not play and the Marauders started the game ice cold.  Instead of giving up,  the AVC team kept playing hard including shut down defense causing 24 turn overs by LA Valley.  Four AVC players shared the scoring, defense and rebounding;

  1. Julian Payton
  2. Angelo Solis
  3. D’Mauria Jones
  4. Gregory Floyd

To go far this year, this team is going to have to play solid team basketball every night like last night.

Dee JonesGreg Floyd shot

AVC Basketball Men

AVC Basketball Men

Angelo Solis

Antelope Valley Press

AVC 65, L.A. Valley 58

VALLEY GLEN – The Antelope Valley College men’s basketball team defeated L.A. Valley 65-58 on Wednesday in a Western State Conference game at L.A. Valley College.
The Marauders (12-10, 2-0) improved to 2-0 to start conference play by hitting three 3-pointers in the final minutes, all coming late in the shot clock.

Julian Payton led AVC with 13 points and hit two of the late 3-pointers. Surako Follings hit his 3 with one minute and 30 seconds remaining in the game.  Angelo Solis also finished with 13 for the Marauders, D’Mauria Jones had 11 points, 10 rebounds and five assists and Gregory Floyd added 11 points and six rebounds.

“We definitely escaped tonight,” AVC coach John Taylor said. “We did a good job forcing turnovers.”  L.A. Valley had 24 turnovers, while AVC committed 14 turnovers.  “We just didn’t do a good job shooting tonight,” Taylor said.

AVC will host Victory Valley on Saturday at 7 p.m.

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