One Play Away From Winning it All

Posted: December 21, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Antelope Valley College won the third place game yesterday against Glendale College 70-62 and upped its record to 8-6.

Before the last two tournaments started, I wrote that AVC is very close to being a dominating team and all they needed to do was to improve their rebounding and defense!  With D’Mauria Jones, Osi Nwachukwa, and Greg Floyd routinely putting up double double’s or very close to it every game, I will add that AVC needs to get one more player to step up every game to wrap up the win.

AVC really stepped up in their last five games(4-1) and averaged 40.4 rebounds per game and holding its opponents to 27.7 rebounds.  Great hard and dirty work guys!!!  Now about that defense! Much improved in nearly all area’s and their 4-1 record shows it.  AVC improved somewhat in shutting down open three balls BUT, they continue to allow players to slash into the paint for open layups.  Their only loss this past tournament was due to this defensive breakdown.  Lost by 3 points in the last second with a wide open layup down the middle.

With two tournament’s left(6 games) in the pre-conference season, AVC needs to continue  fix;  plugging up that wide-open middle and to have a fourth AVC player to step up every game.

AVC is waiting with bated breath for the medical word on their starting point guard Julian Payton who missed two of three games in the past tournament  due to a shoulder injury on a foul in the first game of this tournament against Mt Sac.  Payton was averaging  in double figures before the injury.

AVC Basketball Men

AVC Basketball Men


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