More Thoughts on the Compton Tournament

Posted: December 14, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Antelope Valley College is preparing for next weeks’ Compton Tournament.  The team will have nine days off to heal and get ready for this key test.  With their first academic semester completed, the players have time to dedicate their time to playing basketball and improving their team skill sets and their record currently at 6-5.

Lets take a look at the teams that AVC will be playing next week.  Mt. San Antonio College(Mt Sac)  is taking on #2 San Bernardino Valley College tonight at Mt. San Antonio.  The (4-8)Mt Sac is looking to upset power house( 12-1)San Bernardino and roll into the Compton Tournament on a high and then knock off Antelope Valley.  AVC plays Mt. Sac at noon on Monday.

Chaffey College(6-6) who had a tough start this year won four straight games going into  last night’s game against #7 Fullerton College.  Chaffey felt they had turned the corner and had a good chance of beating Fullerton.  Things looked good at half time and  Chaffey was within six points of Fullerton.  But, the game ended up with Fullerton turning it on in the second half and winning going away 77-59.  Chaffey will have to take a deep breath and head into the Compton Tournament in the first round against a tough  #8 West LA with a 9-3 record in the first round.

Finally, it seems like every tournament that AVC plays in has the #1 ranked team in it.  The Compton Tournament is no exception.  Citrus College is ranked #1 in SoCal by “Signal the Light.”  Citrus (13-2), is playing Cypress College (4-6) tonight and looks to be heading into the Compton Tournament 14-2 against LA Pierce(3-7).  If AVC is “turning the corner” and keeps their concentration on beating Mt San Antonio, AVC could be taking on #1 Citrus.  More on this later.



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