Its About Time…For A lot of the Things!

Posted: November 29, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball


Its taken four years to get the these banners up in the gym.  Happened today.   Since she arrived a few months ago, a special thanks to Sheri Langaman, a clerical assistant of the Sports AD’s Office getting this thing done by follow up, follow up and follow up.  She has done such a good job since she arrived that I think that her next assignment should be to get the (70 year old gym?) renovated or maybe even replaced.  Don’t count her out.

Now to the players…your record is 3-4 and you could have won all seven games with a couple of changes in out comes in just a couple plays.  If you expect to put up a banner in the gym this year like the teams did in the last four years, its time to step up and make the changes that will  insure wins.





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