Its All About Confidence…Are They Ready to Break Lose?

Posted: November 13, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball


Early in every season, there are several talented freshmen who have a hard time with college basketball early in the season.  Often it is the depth of talent they are playing against that far exceeds their high school experience.  For some, it is the complexity of college basketball especially in the half court game.  For others, it just that it takes them longer play up to the level of their physical skills that blessed with.  For nearly all, it is just a matter of time before they gain the self-confidence that is critical for their success.  This year, AVC has two players that currently fall into that category;

Greg Floyd, 6’9″, 200, Freshman

Greg Floyd and Murphy Davis1

Greg is ranked nationally as High Major D-1 talent physically but is struggling in his first four college games in shooting, rebounding, defense and is losing playing time.

Jalon Tinnons, 6’5″, 200, Freshman


Jalon is ranked nationally  as a D-2 talent but also is struggling in all aspects of the game.

I expect both of these players are about ready to breakout of their funk and will bring some key depth to AVC with their shooting, defense and rebounding.  It is a matter of gaining the self-confidence they need to be dominant college basketball players.  These players are a couple of basketball studs that can take AVC far when they break lose.  Keep an eye on these two guys.

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