Pre-Season Coaches Poll Out From CCCAA

Posted: October 30, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Antelope Valley College has been ranked by the Community College coaches in the pre-season poll at #12 in the state and #7 in Southern California.  It is nearly impossible to read the mind of the JUCO coaches but my guess is that the coaches are questioning two positions on AVC’s team this year;

Center/Post–AVC experience-wise goes two deep at the post position.  Two 6’8″, sophomores who are big and strong, 300 and 275 pounds, but the coaches are questioning whether these  big men will be able to run the floor, play defense and rebound against typical JUCO teams playing only with guards and wings?  Basketball teams especially the NBA teams have decided they can’t afford to play immobile big men because the league’s best teams will isolate and roast him on the perimeter every possession.  How will the coaching staff handle this issue?

Point Guard–AVC point guards are freshmen just out of high school.  Will they be able to handle the ball well enough, play defense and run the complicated AVC offense against experienced opponents PG’s?

AVC’s shooting guards, wings, and PF will be a match for any team in the state.  AVC sports three players in these positions that will be playing D-1 basketball and a good probability of pro-basketball in their future.  Add to that solid back-ups at every position.

Depending on how the post and the point guard positions works out, AVC’s position in the ranking and winning games could change dramatically.

Coaches Pre-Season Poll 

2017-18 Preseason Poll/State-Wide

1. San Diego City
2. San Francisco
3. Fresno
4. San Bernardino Valley
5. Saddleback
6. Cerritos
7. Las Positas
8. Fullerton
9. Canada
10. Butte
11. Riverside City
12. Antelope Valley
13. Napa Valley
14. Copper Mountain
15. Santa Rosa
16. East Los Angeles
17. Yuba
18. Sequoias
19. Citrus
20. Diablo Valley

Southern California

1. San Diego City
2. San Bernardino Valley
3. Saddleback
4. Cerritos
5. Fullerton
6. Riverside City
7. Antelope Valley
8. Copper Mountain
9. East Los Angeles
10. Citrus
11. Mt. San Jacinto
12. Chaffey
13. Barstow
14. Bakersfield
15. Ventura

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