Greg Floyd, 6’10”, 210, Shooting Guard/Shooting Forward, Freshman

Posted: October 20, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Greg Floyd and Murphy Davis1

Greg Floyd, 6’10”, 210, SG, SF, Freshman is a special basketball player.  His size, skill sets and potential can take your breath away.  As a junior in high school he was ranked by ESPN as a four star player and  was also ranked in his junior year as the #1 or #2 top high school player in Nevada.   ESPN documented he had offers from 25 D-1 schools including, Arizona, Cal, Washington, Seton Hall, Auburn, Tennessee, Kansas State to name a few.

Unfortunately, his senior year at Middlebrook Academy did not work out well for Floyd. He was ineligible academically to play in his HS senior year and was not deemed as eligible to accept a D-1 scholarship.

Greg needed a place that he could be surround by a experienced coaching staff and elite players so he could continue to improve in basketball but more importantly a location where he could become dedicated to his academics.  He and his parent chose Antelope Valley College as AVC’s coaching staff send 80%+ of their players out with university scholarship and in the past 10 years have had 23 former Marauders sign professional contracts including to the NBA.


Dewayne with Atlanta

Dewayne Dedmon Signs $14 million two year contract with Atlanta



From the early signs, it looks like AVC was a great choice for Greg.  His academics are solid on mid-term grade checks and he is fitting in extremely well with his talented AVC team-mates.    Only time will tell whether Floyd can continue to thrive in the challenging basketball/academic environment at AVC but, so far it looks like a perfect fit.

Greg Floyd (3)

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