How Good is Antelope Valley College Going to Really be this Year(2017-18?)

Posted: October 18, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Its 15 days away from AVC’s first game of the pre-conference season.  I must say, that I am very confused on how good this TEAM is going to be.  What I can say is that the team has some great individual talent.

AVC has been to the State Tournament/Elite 8  for the past two years.  The question is, will they be able to three-peat that accomplishment this year?

Signal the Light Website has projected Antelope Valley College as the winner of the Western State East Conference championship for 2017-18.

Western State East Conference Projection 2017-18
1. Antelope Valley
2. Citrus
3. Victor Valley
4. Barstow
5. Glendale
6. Los Angeles Valley

We know that D-1 teams agree that AVC has a load of talent based on their visits, the mail they are receiving and the offers.

Iona Loves AVC

We know that winning the conference championship in what some say is the toughest conference in the state and the State Tournament, will take more than individual talent;  It will take teamwork, players staying healthy and understanding their roles.  Lets take a look at the team as a whole.  This team is not completely set as of yet.

  1. *Osinachi “Osi” Nwachukwa, 6’4″, 205, Guard, Sophomore
  2. *D’Mauria Jones, 6’4″, 215, Guard, Sophomore
  3. *Greg Floyd, 6’10”, 210, Shooting Forward, Freshman
  4. Miles Wise, 6’2″, 185, Guard, Sophomore
  5. Gabe Solache, 5’10”, 160, Guard, Sophomore
  6. **Julian Payton, 5’11”, 160, Guard, Freshman
  7. Justin Douglas, 5’10”, 185, Guard, Freshman
  8. Wesley De Jesus, 6’3″, 195, Guard, Freshman
  9. Jessie Burns, 6’8″, 275, Post, Sophomore
  10. **Jamar Kemp, 6’8″, 300, Post, Sophomore
  11. John Hamilton, 6’6″, 210, Post/PF, Freshman
  12. Jalon Timmons, 6’5″, 200, Forward, Freshman
  13. Angelo Solis, 6’4″, 200, Forward, Freshman
  14. Justin Douglas, 5’10”, 185, PG, Freshman

*Expected Team Leaders, **Players post major injuries

AVC is going to rely on major improvement from their players to learn and accept their roles.





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