The Question Mark, the Roar and the Snicker

Posted: October 16, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball


It was a busy weekend in sports.  Two weeks till AVC will be starting its pre-conference season at Ventura.  Are the guys ready?  Beats me.  Last year the team thought they were ready to go and lost the first three of their four games in the season and ended up in the State Tournament for the second year in a row.  The base talent is there with a number of players who will be receiving D-1 scholarships and playing professional basketball in the future.  Should be a fun team to watch.


Libby and I were sitting in B.J.’s restaurant and brew house last evening eating baby back ribs and the place was packed.  The eight or so big screen TV’s were on half NFL football and half with Dodger baseball.  It was the bottom of the 9th inning and Justin Turner of the Dodgers was up with two on base and the score was 1-1 against the Chicago Cubs.  He hit a home run over the fence for a walk off win.   THE PATRONS ERUPTED WITH A ROAR!!!.  It scared the three patrons who were watching football to death.  One guy almost dove under his table.  Baseball has been putting on an outstanding show for the fans this year.


So how is NFL football doing?  No one much cares anymore since NFL decided to switch from being a sport to a political  show.  They look like they are taking on Fox News and CNN.  Don’t believe that?  Top NFL football stories this morning?  1.  People watching NFL football keeps dropping. 2.  Colin Kaepernick. is going to sue the NFL for “collusion”.

Did over hear a couple of guys  in the restaurant snickering about the NFL.  Can’t print what they were saying but it makes me think that this NFL stuff really could be a outstanding chance for basketball pick up a lot of fans if they provides the people with sports instead of politics.






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