October Thoughts…AVC Basketball, Academics and More

Posted: October 11, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Its a slow process but, the AVC’s team is starting to get healthy.  Add to that, players who haven’t played for several years due to injuries are moving along toward “basketball conditioning.”

Practices getting high energy.  Starting team not yet firm but getting closer.  As usual, the “first five” may be most important but,  in the long run, the “second starters” success could be the key to this year.

It sure is a joy watching professional baseball’s playoffs this year.  Major League Baseball and their players sure have their act together knowing that people want to watch sports not political drama.  People can get their political fix  by following TV stations who follow Washington, D.C..

Mid-terms for the players.  First major test for the team members as they know, no grades no basketball at AVC.






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