What Sports Should Be; Joy, Enthusiasm, Talent and a Life-Time of Great Memories

Posted: October 4, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

baseball judgeMy team for the night…The Minnesota Twins…didn’t win but did you see the joy and enthusiasm of the fans/players that filled Yankee Stadium?  They loved their team. They loved the game and they didn’t have to put up with politics.  The millions of fans both at the stadium and on TV will have memories they will never forget about that playoff game.  I will never forget the world series game where Ron Cey’s  had a home run to left field a couple of years ago(1981)?  LOL

Speaking of joy, enthusiasm and talent in sports, the AVC basketball team has been undergoing some hard practices the last few days.  Its that time of the year.  Yesterday was no different but the coaching staff let the team loose a bit and they played an inter-squad scrimmage.  The roaring/cheering of the wild stallions sounded like a full gym of fans as the players showed appreciation for their and their teammate skills.

I especially liked the intense defense that led to steals that led to break away dunks.

Marcus Ford Dunk




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