So You Want to Make $7.0 Million a Year?? Do the Hard Dirty Work Well.

Posted: September 30, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Dewayne3When Antelope Valley College’s Dewayne Dedmon walked into the first basketball practice(I happened to be there) who ever thought that a few years down the line he would be making $7.0 million a year(with more to come) in the NBA.  How and the heck this this happen?

You can talk about coaching, size and personality and they are all important.  But, I believe that Dewayne has done so well because;

  1. Blocks and rebounds
  2. Shooting decently from the free throw line at 70%
  3. High energy defense
  4. Running the floor
  5. Opportunistic offense
  6. Excellent team player

Not much about jacking up threes and high point scoring.  In other words, do the hard dirty work well.

Dewayne with Atlanta


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