Deeply Disappointed! Currently Sick of Sports. A Fiscal Look.

Posted: September 27, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

I am having a hard time with sports this week!  I have traveled all over the world and have yet to find a place like the United States that gives every person a place where they can succeed  if they are willing to work.

Perception can mean everything and here is how Sports looked to me and millions of people  this weekend especially using financial stability as a viewpoint.

I have seen multi-millionaire(average NFL player makes $2 million a year) dishonor the American flag, National Anthem and every thing that goes with them.

The reasons the players give for their action is all over the place but mostly its seems to be about their perception of police officers($53,395 yearly salary).   Their dishonor also directly affects United States soldiers($29,380 yearly salary).  Both the flag and National Anthem are key symbols to police officers, soldiers and the vast majority of Americans.

Now I open the Wall Street Journal and what do I find?

Bribery, Kickbacks Alleged at Top NCAA Basketball Programs.  FBI Investigation.

Arizona, Louisville, USC implicated; Federal charges allege scheme in which agents, financial advisers and apparel executives bribed coaches to direct players to them.

College Basketball Crime

Read the article.  It says it all.

What happens now???

With that said, I am not expecting athletes or my readers to change their views.  Our right in the United States…thanks to all of our soldiers who died protecting that right.  But I do predict some major changes in both professional basketball and football.

Many fans are going boycott the NFL on TV and in the stadiums.  Sports clothing and memorabilia sales are dropping.  Companies are getting pressure to stop supporting the NFL with their advertisements.  Money coming into the game will decrease but, I promise you the billionaire owners will keep their cut and the players and people working in the industry will take the hit.  For those who are already millionaires…not a problem but,  to the new guys their salaries will be less or there may be less jobs due to fewer teams.  There always a price to pay.

As far as the outcome for the basketball bribery and kickbacks?  Too early to say yet but afraid this will be a painful outcome for many.

Feel a little better now that I got this off my chest but still sick of sports.  Some one just reminded me…baseball excluded.


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