A Special Thanks to the Hard Working University Coaches

Posted: September 25, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Being a university college basketball head or assistant coach is not an easy job.  Bottom line is win or move on and sometimes that is not even good enough.  A big part of winning is getting the talent you need for your team and for most teams, that means traveling far and wide to find these players.  In the JUCO recruiting realm, the “Jamboree’s” help cut down on the traveling but, nothing beats face to face contact with the recruit  in their own gym to help the coach make the decisions.

A thanks to the assistant coaches and head coaches that expressed interest/made offers to AVC players at the 2017 JUCO Jamboree.  A special thanks to the assistant/head coach(es) who took the time to visit AVC for the same reasons.

I predict that AVC’s young men will help take your teams to the next step you are working so hard on.


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