Nervous Time for AVC’s Basketball Player, Wesley De Jesus

Posted: September 23, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Wesley De Jesus3AVC’s freshman Wesley De Jesus, 6’3″, 185, is a long way from home getting his education and playing basketball.  It’s been a tough for him the last  couple of weeks.  His home is in Puerto Rico the island possession of the United States, which has been hit by two hurricanes in the last month.

The first hurricane that hit Puerto Rico was a glancing blow and his loved ones were safe and communications were intact.  The last hurricane, Maria, completely shut down the Island with massive force.  Wesley is nervous but is hanging in there as, without any electricity in Puerto Rico,  there is no communication coming out of  the country.

We are praying for the safety of Wesley’s family, friends and fans(and there are many following him). As soon as we receive follow up information about his family we will let you know.

puerto rico map


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