Antone “Ace” Warren, 6’10”, 265 Signs Professional Contract

Posted: September 21, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

After working out with three NBA teams and being offered a number of contracts after graduation from Antelope Valley College, it was time for Ace to make a decision.

Congratulations to Antone, his family and to the AVC coaching staff who did a phenomenal job in working with Warren.

Finally, this is Antelope Valley’s 23 player who has signed a professional contract in the last 10 years.  PS….Three AVC players have signed their first contracts this year;  Zack Hollis, 6’8″, 235, Mexico, Chris Bridges II, 6’3″, 215 China, and Anton Warren, 6’10”, 265 Argentina.  Rumors that up to three more possible signings could happen.


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