JUCO Basketball Talent, Doormats, Academics and Funding

Posted: September 17, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

I have been most impressed so far this year by how the physical JUCO talent has been re-distributed among the growing  number of JUCO teams.  Two new first year teams, Santiago Canyons and Copper Mountain, have put together impressive groups of talent.  They will be competitive in their first year.

Unfortunately, it looks like some JUCO’s, who have consistently been the doormats as long as I can remember,  might even be worse this year.  Some are so weak that they would have no chance against the red-shirt/grey shirt players of the elite teams.  I hate to be so brutally honest but…

The new NCAA rules that are in place this year that require mid-year review of academic standings of players could be a shock to teams who have not set up their academic programs and monitoring methodologies.  This could be the key of which teams win the conferences, make the state playoffs and win the state tournament this year.

I have been thinking about basketball teams that have not showed up at this Jamboree.  Do they think that not showing their players to university coaches is no big deal or their teams are so bad it makes no difference or that their teams so good their players are shoo-ins for scholarship?   My guess would be the stock answer for not attending  would be “funding.”   My way of thinking on that is you are doing your players no favors if you have not figured out ways to fund key aspects of getting them the best chance possible of a scholarship.  That’s what all this is about anyway right?





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