Wesley De Jesus, 6’3″, 185, Guard, Freshman

Posted: September 11, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Wesley joined Antelope Valley College from Wentworth Military Academy and College, an NJCAA school in Missouri.  He graduated from High School in Puerto Rico in 2013.  He went to work after high school and then matriculated to the two year JUCO to study and play basketball in the United State.

Shortly after he arrived at Wentworth Military Academy and College, an institution in Lexington, Mo., for 137 years, the college announced that it was going to  close its doors for good when the  semester ended on May 31, 2017.

Wesley joined Antelope Valley College this summer and is  quietly being assimilated into the basketball  team.  At 6’3″, 185, De Jesus is showing this jumping ability, strength, speed, defense and outside shooting.  It will take some time for him to integrate into the AVC system but he looks like he is doing a good job both in his academics and his basketball.

Wesley De Jesus3

This will be an interesting player to watch this year at AVC and it looks like his luck has changed now that he joined AVC.

Good News for Wesley from home in Puerto Rico.  His family is safe after  a hit from Hurricane Irma.

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