Positionless Basketball…All the Rage!

Posted: September 11, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Just finished reading an article in the Athlon Magazine, College Basketball…2017-18 Preview by Ken Pomeroy.  The article is long with lots of statistics that show the following.

“With each passing season, there are more high-profile teams willing to put five players on the floor whose skill sets are quite similar.  Not having a power forward or even a center with the ability to make a shot outside the paint is becoming the exception.”

The article uses Notre Dame as an example as a positionless team with a 6’5″ post player, Bonzie Colson who hit 60 3-pointers and handed out 56 assists last year.  Didn’t see anything about his rebounds.

Seems to me some Cal JUCO teams have been doing this for the last 20 year… starting five guards who are backed up with five guards.  LOL

An article worth reading.

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