The Talent Pool For Elite JUCO Teams in California

Posted: September 10, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball


John Hamilton1

john Hamilton, 6’6″, 200, Forward, Freshman, Lancaster High School

Over the years, I have noticed that elite Cal JUCO teams continue to build their programs  by bringing players from many sources.   Without this top talent, these elite programs would not be able to compete at the high levels they do  and would not be able place their players with scholarships at the University levels.


  1. High School Seniors -This is where the majority of talented players come from for Elite JUCO teams.  To be candid, many of these talented players come to JUCO’s due to inadequacy of grades.(Puts pressure on JUCO’s to improve players academics that High Schools failed to do).  Other high school players have grades but universities either miss their talent or are not willing to take a chance with them.
  2. Transfers from Prep Schools – There are good prep schools that keep their promises and bad prep schools that don’t.  JUCO’s often get the bad prep school players.
  3. Transfers among Cal JUCO’s – Like every level of basketball today…High School on up…players transfer.  Grass is greener?
  4. Transfers from National JUCO’s – Same as with intra-Cal JUCO transfers except the direction to National JUCO from Cal JUCO’s is often easier as National JUCO’s can offer scholarships unlike Cal JUCO’s.
  5. Transfers From Universities – Players with scholarships at D-1 and D-2 transfer “back down” to Cal JUCO’s.  These players often get much attention.  Some of the reasons they transfer include;  Not playing at the University level, unable/unwilling  to do university academics, personal reasons, hoping an outstanding year at a JUCO will move the player up to a better university scholarship.
  6. International Players – This group of players entering the JUCO player pool seems to be growing.  International players have been a staple in the university level for years.  St. Mary’s University in NoCal  is a perfect example with it Australia pipeline.

It seems that the best way build your elite program…next to setting up a way to get all the players who were turned down by Duke University…is  a little bit of all the above.  P.S.  Set up your academic monitoring programs and get players who will do their academics.  Without that?  You are wasting everyone’s time.


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Dewayne Dedmon, 7″0″, 255,  Lancaster HS before AVC/Now NBA



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