Seven University Transfers to Cal JUCO’s

Posted: September 8, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

According to Verbal Commits, the following list of players have transferred to Cal JUCO teams this year…2017-18.  Antelope Valley College has all of these teams on their schedule this year except for San Francisco City and Fresno but, if AVC rolls into the State Tournament/Elite 8 again(third straight year) they could be on the schedule as well.

FROM                                TO                        NAME               SIZE
D1 Fresno State               Saddleback        Ryan Beddeo   6’2″, 185 D1
D1 San Jose State             SFC                      Terrell Brown 6’2″, 165 D1
D1 Sac State                      Fresno City        George Dance  6’3″, 190 D1
D2 Metro State                 Fresno City         Jered Small     6’7″, 175 D2
D1 Arizona State              Compton            Chris Odiona   6’4″, 210 D1
D2 Cal Baptist                    Citrus                 Austin Clark    6’5″, 190 D2
D2 Minnesota-Crookston Victor Valley    AJ Watson        6’4″, 190 D2

All of the transfers(where information was available on internet searches) had limited or no playing time at their universities.  One player was dismissed from his team and one player was undergoing rehabilitation for a knee injury that occurred in High School.

As all JUCO coaches know, there are advantages and disadvantages in bringing in these  young men.  Some of the disadvantages include integration of the player into the existing team structure and  expectations of the university transfers could be much different than the role the JUCO coach has for the players.(i.e. Player expects 30+ shots a game and coach expects some shut down defense.)  It is critical for these players to do very well at the JUCO level to prove to the university coaches that they deserve to move back up with a scholarship.  The advantage for bringing in these transfers is that their talent level/potential should be high as they were awarded at one time a university scholarship.

Looks like NoCal…San Francisco City and Fresno City have worked hard on their recruiting of university transfers…picking up 3 of 7 transfers.

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