Week 1…AVC’s 2017-18 Basketball…One Unique Week

Posted: September 2, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

The players are here.  They have started classes.  They are a unique and talented group.  How good will the team be this year?  Too early to say how this deep talented group will gel together.  So far they are having great fun…lots of energy…and they are definitely involved in the wow factor as they work with each other.

All things are not  easy though.  For example…suicide drills.  All it took was one workout for one player and he was never seen again.  Too much work and too many guysto compete against.


Add to that their routine is the academics and the class room.  Here is  photo of the mandatory study halls that the coaching staff has setup for the team.

Basketball Study Hall

My prediction.  Because of the number of new players and late arrival of some, it will take awhile to put the talent together.  Don’t expect super star performance from whole team just yet in the Fall JUCO Jamboree in a couple weeks.  Do want to say that they will be fun to watch and make sure you take a look at a number of new players that have joined the team.

Great week.

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