Balance is Key to AVC’s Basketball Player Success; Academics, Talent and Maturity

Posted: August 25, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball


This past week was all about academics.  Getting the right classes at the right time that the Universities requires.  Sending out last year’s academics to the University programs that are currently recruiting the AVC players.  Setting up grade monitoring programs for the new students athletes and making sure that they understand that without grades they have no chance of playing.


The team must be built on physical talent and size.  This  talent must be improved at every practice, time on the track and in the weight room.  Maximize each players gifts.


For some of the players, this can be the most difficult.  No dope, attending every class and practice, learning to play team instead of individual basketball.  Treating everyone that they come in contact with respect.  When the team members understand and live up to these expectations, here is what AVC’s players have accomplished in the past 10 years;

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