Looking For a Year of “Boring Studs” From AVC Basketball

Posted: August 21, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

study hall2Class starts today for AVC student athletes.  For some, it might be a scary time as academics in the past was not always their strong point.  Once the basketball players are settled in with academics, they will begin their workouts,  start getting back in shape and preparing for the mid-September Fall Shootout in Cerritos.

As far as I am concerned, I am hoping for a very boring year, from the AVC basketball team.  Boring your say?  What does that mean?  Here is the kind of boring I would love to see at AVC this year that will end in winning the State Tournament at Ventura College this March;

“It seems silly to describe the 2017 Dodgers as a boring team, I suppose.  But I was watching a sports talk show on TV the other day, and they were interviewing Cody Bellinger. They asked him how such a dominant team could be so boring.
“You guys play in Los Angeles,” they noted. “You’re a bunch of young players.”
Cody gave a stock answer, that veterans like Adrian Gonzalez and Logan Forsythe are very family-oriented, and that it carries through to the clubhouse. They all just put their head down and do their work. The hosts were slightly bummed out by his answers, as they were looking for a much juicier story — young, good looking rookies out on the town, partying. Disagreements amongst the players, maybe. They got none of that from Bellinger.”

From article, Boring Isn’t Always Bad
Published on August 21, 2017 by Andy Lane Chapman 

Once the players are back in the saddle, I will start writing about the nice mix of talented freshmen and sophomores AVC will have on the floor this year.  If they are live up to my hope of boring studs  academically and on and off the basketball floor, there is a really good possibility that the majority of them should get a university scholarship.  Down the line if they keep their boring ways, three or four could be playing professional basketball.

Remember, my kind of boring is good in JUCO basketball!

Marcus Ford Dunk


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