Dewayne Dedmon’s 2017 BB Camp Big Success

Posted: August 13, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

DedmondandKids2Every year Antelope College’s NBA star Dewayne Dedmon heads home to run his youth basketball camp with his family for the kids in Antelope Valley.  This year people kept asking whether Dewayne would be home for the kids in the AV now that he signed his new $14 million contract with the Atlanta Hawks.

This year, Dewayne filled two gyms with over 150 Antelope Valley “Campers” at Antelope Valley College and Paraclete High School, Dewayne and a large group of other AVC basketball stars had a great time with the future of Antelope Valley basketball.


Here is this year’s Antelope Valley College 6’8″, 260,  post man Jesse Burns, who is also a graduate from DeWayne’s High School Lancaster High School.  Jesse worked with Dedmon in putting this local camp together.

Great day for Antelope Valley basketball.

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