Mike Scott, Rockets to Top in European Pro-Basketball

Posted: August 11, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

Mike Scott AVC TournamentEvery time I write an update on PG, Mike Scott’s who is rocketing up the European ranks of professional point guards,  I have to laugh.  One of my best basketball buddies once wrote that Mike was a great college basketball player but not as a point guard.  Sorry friend, your really missed this one.

AVC’s Mike Scott, pro point guard, just keeps impressing how fast he is moving up in the European Professional basketball ranks.  Entering his third year of professional basketball after graduating from the University of Idaho gave him a full ride scholarship after his two years at Antelope Valley College.  Mr. Scott led the U of Idaho to the D-1 NCAA national tournament just as he led AVC to the California State Tournament.  The man  is a winner!

Here is an update on where Mike is headed this year;

Mel:  Hi Mike, could you give us an update where you are heading this year? Happy Birthday by the way.

Mike:  Of course no problem.  I am heading back to Croatia, but this time to a different team,  KK Split who is the best European Club in the 20th Century being that they have won 5 Euro League championship cups(three back to back.)  

They have a lot to offer me as the city is beautiful and a great place to live.  They placed in second place last year in league that was not satisfactory to them so they brought me in take the club back to the top in Europe.  Let’s hope so! 


Mike Scott Signs with Split, Croacia

Mike Scott Split_Croatia

mike is champ

Thanks for the information Mike.  You are often the talk of the current teams about what it is like to be point guard playing professional basketball at a professional level and what the current players need to do to follow in your foot steps.  Guess that’s called role model.  Keep up the great work.



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