Expecting A lot From AVC Basketball Team’s Student Athletes

Posted: August 8, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

I read this morning in the AV Press that 90,000 students started school today.  Add to that, 10,000 start next Monday.  We all groan at the increase in traffic around here and on August 21, Monday, Antelope Valley College starts its Fall semester with its 15,000 + students.

The AVC men’s basketball team has already signed up for the Fall Semester and it all starts for real.  “Starting for real” means, a full academic load, full time workouts, and for many a side job.  In other words, starting the process of become a man in the real world.

The following comments from Frank Martin, head coach of U of South Carolina say a lot about growing up and the responsibilities of parents, coaches and professors.  The AVC basketball program demands a lot of its student athletes and gives back to them even more when they step up and succeed.



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