Post Mortem?…Summer JUCO Shootout 2017…Facebook/Twitter Predict End

Posted: July 24, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

The “experts” on Facebook and Twitter posted loads of predictions that  this was the end of the Summer JUCO Shootouts at Cerritos College.  Not enough teams participating in the shootout.

To make it clear, I hope they are wrong because the shootout competition shows the JUCO coaches what their teams still need.  The players got a taste of reality of where they stand on the team and improvement needed.  The fans enjoyed the competition.

There is no question that many good teams did not attend and therefore, few  university coaches attended the shootout.  In reality this was the main reason for teams to come in the first place;  having your student athletes showcased in front of university coaches with scholarships.

This is going to have to be remedied in the future.  The shootout organizer is going to have to bring back the former participants. The university coaches won’t attend unless there is a large pool of teams and talented players.  Get the teams back and the University Coaches will return.

I talked to a large number of people at the Shootout and people who did not attend.  Here is  a number of reasons why the teams stopped coming to the Summer Shootout;

  1. Doing the NCAA paperwork is a true pain in the A–.
  2. The cost.
  3. The fear of other teams stealing their players.
  4. The way they were treated in the past by Shootout management.
  5. Fear of being embarrassed because their team is not complete or far enough along in workouts.

The operator/manager of the Shootout and the JUCO team head coaches are going to have to communicate and find a way to solve some of their concerns that are keeping them away from the Summer Shootout.  The only one of the five reasons that may not be solvable is the NCAA paperwork.  No one I know can negotiate with them except with for a small number of elite D-1 teams.  LOL!

Hopefully these issues can be solved as it would be disappointing if this shootout of long standing disappeared.  Everyone one would lose.




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