PostScript Day 1…JUCO Shootout Cerritos 2017-18

Posted: July 22, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

The day ended up exactly where the coaching staff thought it would be this time of the year;  individual potential and lot of work to be done as a team.  AVC needs especially to  work on their defense both individual and team.  Add to that, the team ran out of gas in the second game against Chaffey.

Game 1  AVC 61  LA Trade Tech 53  AVC’s with its size and talent dominated Tech and the coaching staff got a chance to see a great deal of its second and third teams.

Game 2  AVC 43 Chaffey 49  Chaffey is far ahead of AVC in conditioning and defense and it showed as they led AVC as much as 13 points in the second half.  AVC caught Chaffey with 5 minutes left to go  and if they would have been in condition they would have won the game.  Instead, they ran out of gas and lost.

Its easy to be critical of the team this time of the year but individually, the players all had some flashes great stuff of what we can expect in the future.

Thank you to Coach David Nurse for the photo’s.



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