Cool Morning…Hot Basketball…Surprises

Posted: July 20, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

I am sitting out in my “gravity-less” chair out in my back yard at 0530 and it is a beautiful 72 degrees with a gentle breeze.  One of the nicest mornings for a month.  It is supposed to get up to a balmy 98 today which has been pretty normal this past month here in the Antelope Valley.

The “temperature” in the AVC gym has been getting hotter and hotter in the AVC workouts the closer they get to the SoCal Shootout at Cerritos this starting tomorrow  and the Las Vegas JUCO Elite 80 Invitational next weekend.

The players are thrilled to get out on the floor against live competition and show their skills to the university coaches.  The AVC coaches are looking forward to seeing their players in action to get an idea whether the team is complete(sure right) or what kind of additions the team should add to strengthen the team.  Add to that, nearly every year, one or two players have a “breakout” tournament that cements their place on the team.  Who could that be this year?

Keeping in mind that the team is not complete, they are not in full basketball conditioning and they are just learning about the AVC offensives and defenses, the Summer shootouts/invitational are great fun for the fans and players.

Antelope Valley College has been in the State Tournament/Elite 8 the past two years so you know the teams AVC plays…LA Trade Tech, Citrus, Sequoias and San Diego Mesa…will be playing as hard as possible to show the world they  can compete against the best.

AVC lost five of their top State Tournament players to graduation…three received university scholarships and one working out for a professional contract…but, four experienced players returned.  These four players should give AVC a good core to build this year’s team around.


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