Reality Check for JUCO Players Starts This Week

Posted: July 19, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

This time of the basketball season is when reality checks for JUCO players begin.

Many players still believe that they will be the superstar for the team and will be playing 35 minutes a game.  You are still seeing in workouts, big men who can’t hit a broad side of the barn shooting the NBA threes instead of learning how to play defense, pulling down rebounds and getting in shape.

The next couple of weekends will start the process of reality checks for the players.  Summer Shootouts and Elite Invitational Las Vegas weekends will start the process of making it clear to the players  just how challenging JUCO college basketball really is.    I have seen players call their mother’s demanding a ride home…they were done.  I have seen players sitting at the end of the bench pouting that they were not getting the playing time they felt they deserve.  I have seen looks of shock on players faces when they realize just how good the other players on the floor are and how much they still need to learn.

Its a tough time for JUCO players, reality check time always is. It a time of growth for players who are going to succeed in this wicked game.  Overall this is the first time you will get a real view on how players react to stress and competition.

Stay tuned.



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