Brackets, SoCal JUCO Shootout 2017 Friday, Saturday, July 21, 22.

Posted: July 18, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2017-18, Recruitment, Summer Tournament

This is one of the smallest SoCal Summer JUCO Shootouts I have seen in years.  At its peak, the shootout covered three days and had to be played in two gym.

In talking to JUCO coaches, many teams do not have their players yet and have not worked out hard with the players they have.  That is true for AVC as well but with a yearly goal of placing 100% of their players with university scholarships, it is worthwhile in have their players in front of as many university coaches as possible.  

Expect a huge turn out of teams in the Fall Shootout(September) when all the players have fully committed to the teams and are in classes.

Here are the four games that AVC will play in this weekend in the tournament.   These four teams should give AVC a look at different styles as well. 



FRIDAY  21 July 2017

Time    Home Team   Away Team          Court

1230     AVC             LA Trade Tech         3

1430     AVC             Chaffey                  2
Time    Home Team   Away Team          Court

1030        AVC                  San Diego Mesa      3

1330         Sequoias        AVC                           2

Bracket Summer 2017 Changes


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