Nineteen AVC Professionals Players…What Did They Have to Get to them to the Top of Their Profession?

Posted: July 17, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball

In the past ten years, Antelope Valley College has sent 19 players to professional basketball teams, a dream come true for every player.  All the way from the NBA to teams all over the world.  Their salaries range anywhere from $7,000,000 to $45,000(+expenses) yearly.

I thought it would be worth-while to do a “look back” at these players to see if we can find a some data that shows what all of the players have in common that helped them to sign that coveted professional contract.

  1. All of the 19 professional players studied/learned basketball at Antelope Valley College.

2.  Of the 19 professional players who graduated from AVC their education consisted of;

  • 11 received full ride scholarships to D-1 Universities.
  • 4 players received full ride scholarships to NAIA Universities.
  • 3 players received a full ride scholarships to  D-2 Universities
  • 1 player received a professional contract directly out of AVC.

3.   Of the 19 players who received professional contracts;

  •       2 Centers
  •       12 Forwards
  •       5 guards

4.  Of the 19 professionals, the following shows their physical size;

  •       Centers (6’10” to 7’0″)
  •       Forwards (6’6″ to 6’9″)
  •       Guards (6’2″ to 6’6″)

5.  The location where the 19 AVC professionals play;

  •       NBA 1
  •       ABA 1
  •       Europe 11
  •       Asia 5
  •       South America 1

Three things jump out from the statistics above.

1.  Of the players who attended Antelope Valley College, nearly two players a year sign a professional contract.

2. The size of all of these players who sign are all what most people consider “D-1 size players.”

3.  18-19 players who received professional contracts received university scholarships out of AVC.

Currently, AVC has four additional players who are working hard to sign a professional contract to join the AVC players who have led the way for them.  Congratulation to all.

Here are some photo’s of the 19 AVC professionals.













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