$2,490,000 and Three University Degrees For AVC Alumni

Posted: July 11, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2017-18, D-1 Interest, D-3, University Degree

The AVC basketball culture is winning basketball games , university scholarships and university degrees and it leads to success. 

For the average college student in the United States, according to the San Francisco office of the Federal Reserve, a university degree is worth $830,000 dollars over a life time.

AVC does everything it can possibly do to prepare the student for the next level.  One of the first things the student athlete hears when they arrive at AVC; “No classes and grades, no play.”  That expectation is part of the the culture of the program and it works.  Here are three graduates of Antelope Valley who received university scholarships and degrees this year.  Congratulations to the following three AVC alumni. 

Ismail Ali, 6’1”, 175, AVC’s two year all-star point guard received a full ride scholarship to D-1 Bowling Green Statue University in 2015 after two years with Antelope Valley College.  816

Adrian Francis, 6’1”, 185, guard signed with D-3 California Lutheran University in 2015 after two years of starring with Antelope Valley College.


Laurence White, 6’4’, 205 guard, signed with  D-1 University of  California Davis on a full scholarship after two all-star years with Antelope Valley College. 


More information forth coming on all players in the near future.

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