Woeful Wednesday Headlines

Posted: April 19, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2017-18, Dope

So what do these headlines have do do with college basketball?  Unfortunately too much! How many outstanding basketball players with D-1/Professional talent never made it anywhere near their potential.  I wonder how many student athletes can really expect to do do well academically and reach their potential on the basketball court stoned?  Add the new legal stoners on the California roads and the big increases in car insurance?

Doesn’t look like things are getting better does it. 

  1. Almost as Many Americans Died of Drug Overdoses in 2015 as in ’12 Years in Vietnam’
  2. Car Insurance rates Expected to Skyrocket in California
  3. Mexican Drugs Enter U.S. at Record Rates, Western States “Heroin Transit Zone”
  4. California Law Enforcement Trying to Plan for Expected Law Breaker’s Involved in New Marijuana Law

I need something positive to think about in spite of the terrible headlines and here it is.

Sober and hard working student athletes will find it easier to get playing time and opportunities while the stoners fall by the wayside. 

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