The 2016-17 D-1 College Basketball Season Ends…Ugly…Could Get Uglier

Posted: April 4, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, D1, NCAA

U of North Carolina 71  Gonzaga 65

How could two teams with so much talent look so bad?  Was it defense?  Maybe some what.  Did the referee’s ruin the game with excessive foul calls?  Some would say yes but at least they were consistent.  The matchups could have made it an ugly game also.

Now that the NCAA gave North Carolina it’s chance to win it all…which they did… they can finishing off their very meticulous(slow) investigation, they can punish U of NC for all of academic rule breaking they did over the past years.  

US Today…For three years, an academic fraud scandal has hung over North Carolina like an angry thundercloud. Of course he’s saddened and embarrassed by it, coach Roy Williams said Sunday. But he’s also angry, mad that “this junk,” as he described it, has interfered with recruiting and caused some to look askance at North Carolina’s second trip to the national championship game in as many years.

“We did nothing wrong, OK? That’s just the best way to put it,” Williams said. “Were there some mistakes made? You’re darned right there were. Were there some things I wish hadn’t happened? You’re darned right. But there were no allegations against men’s basketball.”

Williams can spin just about anything with his folksy charm and golly-gee-whiz self-deprecation. But not this. Not when the independent investigator appointed by North Carolina found that, for 18 years, more than 3,000 students, almost half of whom were athletes, got bogus grades for classes that didn’t exist.

Worth watching the punishment. 


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