AVC Moves Into Elite 8 Again With Total Team Effort

Posted: February 26, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Coaches, Player, Playoffs

AVC was a well oiled machine last night.  The coaching staff put together an outstanding game plan that took advantage of Saddleback’s weaknesses and AVC strengths. The players implemented the plan perfectly.  Shooting a stunning 70% from the floor and 88% from beyond the arc, AVC never trailed against the #1 team in the state(National Massey Poll).  Add to that, AVC outrebounded Saddleback by 8 mostly offensive that led to put backs.  AVC held a double digit lead most of the game and when Saddleback would have a run, AVC’s defense would shut it down and buildup the lead up again.

Finally, individual efforts by team members that stood out;

  1. Ace Warren, 6’10”, 265, diving on the floor for lose balls.
  2. Cory Dollarhide 5-5 on three balls and led all scorers with 19. 
  3. Dee Jones outstanding on both ends playing shut down defense and put in 16 points and five rebounds.
  4. Reggie Byers played shut down defense and 12 points and five assists.
  5. Scooter Hall 5 assists, three key free throws in the final two minutes and took three charges.
  6. Jailen Gill put in 12 points and 9 rebounds..
  7. Big Jessie Burns played 14 key minutes on both ends of the court.



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