AVC Travels to Saddleback College…2nd Round Playoffs

Posted: February 25, 2017 in AVC Men's BB 2015-16, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Playoffs

scooter3shotThe Antelope Valley College Men’s Basketball team is heading today to Saddleback for the second round of the JUCO state playoffs.  After AVC’s home win in the first round of the playoffs against Santa Monica, 88-80, the team will be taking on the #3 seeded team in SoCal and #1 ranked team in the State of California(Massey’s Ranking). 

Antelope Valley is very familiar with Saddleback as they took them on November 12, 2016 early in the pre-conference season at home.  Saddleback beat AVC at AVC 82-80 but the score did not tell the story.  Saddleback led AVC most of the game by double figures.  Only a late dramatic run by AVC made it look close. 

Reggie shotT.J. Short, Saddleback’s point guard embarrassed AVC’s guards by living in the paint handing off 6 assists and putting in 28 points.  He slashed at will into the middle by AVC’s guards Charles Hall and Reggie Byers, getting AVC’s Antone Warren, 6’10, 265 post man into early foul trouble(Short had 16 free throws and made 11).  Warren was limited to 12 minutes of playing time, 2 rebounds, and 0 points.  Beaon Brady, 6’8”, 230, scored 25 points for Saddleback(10-13 field goals) with out AVC’s post man in the middle. 

AVC’s players have a lot to prove in this upcoming game. Intensity and team defense is going to be key for AVC..  Add to that, free throw shooting may be the key in the game as it usually is in close games against good teams. 

Osi LayupThere is no question that this is the biggest game of the season for AVC(of course every “one and done” playoff game is).  AVC’s is looking sharp and intense in practice and knows what they must do to move on into the third round of the playoffs.  AVC is as prepared as they can be for this game. They need to  implement their game plan with non-stop intensity and mental toughness. 2016-17 Team2


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