Back to the Basics for AVC…Leads to Win 77-65

Posted: January 11, 2017 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Player, Pre-Conference Season

Osi DribbleAVC was the underdog in their final pre-conference game against against Cerritos College.  Cerritos with eight straight wins,  12-2 overall, was ranked #11 in the latest Coaches poll.

The coaching staff knew that to win this game, they would have to make sure the team went “back to the basics.”   And they did. 

AVC team played shut down defense keeping Cerritos’ field goal shooting percentage down to 33%.  AVC then dominated the back boards and out rebounded Cerritos 42-31.

On the offensive end, AVC, the top shooting team in the state, had great shot selection that led them to a shooting percentage(48.9%).  Add to that, AVC who has been struggling with free throw shooting(can you believe that), shot a solid 76.5%(26-34) last evening. 

Cerritos Team Statistics Antelope Valley
33.3% ( 19-57) Field Goal % 48.9% ( 23-47)
23.8% ( 5-21) 3pt Field Goal % 38.5% ( 5-13)
61.1% ( 22-36) Free Throw % 76.5% ( 26-34)
31 Rebounds 42

Nine of eleven AVC players played double figure minutes and wore down Cerritos in the second half.  One weakness that showed up in last nights game was 18 turnovers.  Looks to me that some serious awareness raising will take place in AVC preparations for Saturday, January 14, 2017, 3 p.m.,  conference kick off on the road against Barstow.

Overall, great win, against one of SoCal’s top ranked players for AVC.  



LANCASTER – The Marauder men’s basketball team seemed to be in complete control and even though unlikely turnovers and several missed shots around the basket, it was able to earn a solid victory over Cerritos College, 77-65, Tuesday night at Marauder Gymnasium.

"I thought we controlled the game. We were a little bit loose with the ball, but it’s a nice win," AVC head coach John Taylor said. "We could have made it easier on ourselves. We wanted to play a good team heading into conference."

The Falcons (13-3), entered the game ranked No. 11 in Southern California, and their only two losses came against ranked opponents. However, it was AVC’s stingy defense that forced Cerritos to shoot only 33 percent on the game.

D’Mauria Jones led the Marauders with 14 points in only 22 minutes of action. Charles Hall (12 points) and Antone Warren (11 points) were the other two Marauder players in double figures.

"This was a good win heading into conference. We’re heading there with a w," Jones said. "We didn’t play up to our full potential, but it was a solid game. We have to continue to play the way we’ve been playing."

AVC, ranked No. 13 in Southern California, has won four games in a row, seven of its last eight, and 11 of its last 13. It also snapped the Falcons’ eight-game winning streak.


  1. Lee says:

    Massey had you as a two and half point favorite last night. So how can you think you were the underdog playing at home?? Can you rank the southern conferences as to their strength–considering all teams??

    • Cal Common says:

      Massey did have AVC a 2 1/2 point favorite. I call AVC an underdog for three reasons; AVC actually plays on the road better…my opinion…than at home. The Coaches’ Poll has Cerritos ranked higher than AVC. They should know right?? I knew one of our key players was not near 100% and another one not available. I haven’t ranked all of the conference this year. I really don’t have enough information. I believe it pretty easy to say that the “Orange Empire” is by far the strongest of the SoCal conferences. Saddleback may actually have to play some games hard to go undefeated in the conference. LOL