A First For CS Northridge ?

Posted: December 19, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, D1

Northridge took on Bethesda University, NCCAA(National Christian College Athletic Association) with its 331 total students at Northridge.  By the way, Northridge has 38,310 students and 4000 faculty and staff.  The outcome?

CSUN Men’s Basketball (3-8) fell to Bethesda University, 100-95, on Friday evening at The Matadome. In defeat, Tavrion Dawson posted his third career double-double with a 22-point, 14-rebound performance while Kendall Smith and Darin Johnson each finished with 20 points apiece. Trailing for most of the night, the Matadors’ rally fell short in the waning minutes of the game as the Flames held on for a five-point upset win.

Here is an example of what basketball fans think of how things are going at Northridge from a fan forum.

: : : : I know this is a HS forum, but please someone explain what is going on with Reggie Theus and his CSUN Matadors–Bethesda-100, CSUN-95 at Northridge. I can not recall very many times a NAIA (a very bad one at that) beat a div I team. Bethesda had lost 11 out of their last 12 games.

: : : Northridge has to do a better job of keeping Cali kids. They could have more talent than they have. There’s too many Cali kids leaving because these local mid majors are acting as if they’re UCLA. They better get 10 toes down and get on the local grind first.

: : Bethesda is actually not NAIA. It is a NCCAA. This is the first time ever an NCCAA team has beat a NCAA-D1 team per the head coach’s social media accounts.

: Reggie Theus has a bigger ego than he does coaching know how. Saw him in and out of practice and games and not better than a .500 high school coach in my opinion. Gets talent and loses them because they don’t wanna play for the guy or he doesn’t play the right talent. He wants to be bigger than the players at all times that’s why it will never work.

No soup for you!!!

Congratulations to Bethesda University. 

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