Biases Against Sports/Players at U of Minnesota Means Loss of $2,825,000?

Posted: December 16, 2016 in D1, football

We have heard so much about biases at Universities against almost everything, conservatives, men, women, ethnic groups of every type,  Christians etc..  We know from experience that there are many groups at universities who would love to get rid of all sports.  So far, it hasn’t happened but is that what is happening at the University of Minnesota?  Due to lack of transparency by the University, it looks at though that the press is going hard to find out what is really going on especially now that the whole Football team is boycotting all football activity including the Holiday Bowl on December 27th. 

According the article below there was an investigation about a sexual assault case involving the 10 football players that were suspended and the police declined to charge any player but the University suspended them anyway.  When a University refused to tell the world what really happened especially when the players were cleared by the police, they are throwing away $2.8 million dollars split between two Universities, open themselves to major law suites by Washington State University and players from both Universities.  Wonder who will have to pay settlement like that?  Oh yes thats rigiht, U of Minnesota is a public university taxpayers!

Finally, due to the Universities lack of transparency, people are already wondering if what is going on is like the fiasco with the Rolling Stone Magazine and the University of Virgina.  Lets hope the University of Minnesota gets their act together and tells what really is happening and not throw away tax payers money and players careers. 

By: Ley Press News Servi

Minnesota players to boycott all football activity

MINNEAPOLIS – The entire Minnesota football team says it is boycotting all football activities until it gets satisfactory answers from the university about the suspension of 10 players this week. The school suspended the players after an internal investigation into a sexual assault case. Police declined to charge any of the players, but the school suspended them based on internal regulations involving sexual assault allegations.

The team’s players said Wednesday that have not ruled out skipping the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 27 against Washington State in San Diego.

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