Things to be Not Mentioned in Polite Conversation

Posted: December 12, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Mental Health

The number #2 ranked team in the state gets beat by 26 points. Every team in the South has been beaten at least twice.  When a team gets beaten by a team in their first match, the second match this year usually means a flip; down goes the first winner.  Its highly possible this year that teams with five to seven losses will be heading to the state tournament.

imageSome say no team this year is dominant in JUCO SoCal basketball.  Some say parity in talent, some say weakness in talent, some say who the heck knows!

One thing I do know is that a number of things often not mentioned openly in polite conversation about JUCO basketball are going to crown the two teams who head off to the state tournament this year;

  1. Grades.  Keeping players legible.
  2. Girl friends.  Keeping players minds on school and basketball.
  3. How rapidly the team freshmen improve.
  4. Injuries, keeping players healthy.
  5. How well the players jell as a team.
  6. Coaches mental health.

One crazy year in SoCal JUCO Basketball!

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