Three Straight Under Dog Wins. Is it Possible?

Posted: December 4, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Pre-Conference

Before the AVC tournament started, people following JUCO basketball were saying it might be the toughest eight team tournament of the year.  The #1 only undefeated team in the state,  San Bernardino Valley, looked to run away with the tournament.  Then there was the #11 team in the state, Fullerton who was taking on #19 *Bakersfield.  Both teams were expected to be in the Consolation or Championship game.  Add to that two up and coming teams ranked in some polls and sporting great records;  Ventura and *Rio Hondo.  The up and comers!  Finally there were three teams that were thought to not have a chance to win any games at all and were heading out after two big losses.  Antelope Valley College,  LA Harbor College and MiraCosta.  The duds. 

Boy have things blown up from the experts predictions…kinda like the presidential election…LOL.  Instead, here are the finals in the AVC tournament;

1 pm LA Harbor MiraCosta Consolation Championship
3 pm San Bernardino Ventura Third Place Game
5 pm AVC Fullerton Championship Game

* Rio Hondo and Bakersfield with two straight loses headed home.

LA Harbor looks like a team that is really coming on strong and a team to watch.

MIraCosta without its head coach…sabbatical…with only 8 players, playing hard and as a team.

San Bernardino outstanding team but playing 9 games in 10 days are testing depth of team. 

Fullerton is a TEAM and must be considered to be the favorite to win it all now.

Ventura an excellent team who can beat anyone on any given night depending on their shooting.

AVC the shocker of the tournament.  Fans keep asking me “Where did this team come from?”  Keep in mind AVC has only one player who returned and the the coaching staff had to completely rebuild the team, much of it in the last two weeks.  Now that the AVC team is playing with energy on both ends and with confidence, AVC is not yet at full potential, but  it is a team that should not over looked.  Can a team win three straight games as an under dog?

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