AVC…Unranked Underdog

Posted: November 30, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, AVC Tournament

When you start your season 1-4, no one expects much from you.  The teams you play expect an easy run against a soft team, lots of playing time for their second and third rotations.  That is how AVC will enter their tournament 2,3,4 December 2016.


Ranking is from the current state-wide coaches poll.

#1–San Bernardino Valley 7-0

NR–Rio Hondo 6-2

#10–Bakersfield 6-3

NR–Ventura  6-4

#8–Fullerton 4-2

NR–Mira Costa  3-4

NR–AVC  3-4.

NR –LA Harbor 0-5

If you go strictly by their records, AVC will be out out of their home tournament in two games.   On the other hand, AVC won its last two games and the consolation championship at the San Bernardino Valley Tournament. 

This weekend the question should be answered on which team AVC is/has become;

  1. The low energy, soft, defenseless, poor shooting team that started with 1-4 record or.
  2. The high energy, intense, tough defensive, hot shooting team of the last two games where they went 2-0.

Join AVC this weekend to get the answer.

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