Productive Week-End for AVC…Consolation Champs

Posted: November 21, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Player, Pre-Conference
Fri   Nov 18 1 p.m. Grossmont 73 AVC 71
Sat   Nov 19 p.m. Barstow 61 AVC 80  
Sun Nov 20 p.m.   Riverside 71 AVC 79

It had been a tough start for AVC men’s basketball in the early two weeks of the season.  Starting  with a 1-4 record…unheard of in the last decade…especially with the talented and deep group of players AVC possesses.  To be candid, the players had not gelled into a team and rotations were not functioning well on either end of the court.

Although it is very early to say AVC has finally found its mojo, it looks like AVC has found its rotations that work well together. 

The next few day I will be reviewing the 13 players on the AVC team that is now coming together so well.

Freshman D’Mauria Jones, 6’4”, 200, had broken into the first rotation with his outstanding defense and high energy that stimulates the team.  You see him improving every game as he is getting used playing team basketball.  As any freshman, he has his weakness.  For example in his last game he shot an abysmal 2-8 from the free-throw line.  He needs to put together his concentration in this area and maybe a good start would be would be to live at the free throw line everyday over Thanksgiving vacation.  Add to that, Dee is working hard to decrease his turnovers.  Ever since Dee broke into the first rotation, he as had 3-5 steals per game. 



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