What’s Wrong With AVC? Don’t Ask Me, I Have No Clue

Posted: November 19, 2016 in AVC Men's Basketball, AVC Men's BB 2016-17, Pre-Conference


What is going on with the Antelope Valley College men’s basketball team?  Don’t ask me, I have no clue!  They are athletic, they have the size and physically look like and can play like university level basketball players, but have a 1-4 record to start this season.

The coaching staff has worked all year on finding set of offensive rotations that plays well together.  They have set up defensive sets that should work well with AVC’s physically talent group.  Nothing has worked consistently. 

Every one of the five games AVC has played has showed short flashes of brilliance.  I have to go back to the Newton Chelette era to come up with a team that “looked” so good but playing so lousy at time.  That was over a decade ago and that team may have driven Newton to college sports management and out of the head coach job.  LOL.

Don’t get me wrong, these young men work hard in practice for the most part and seem to want to win badly but, something is missing.  All summer and fall they shot a 80%+ from the free throw line in practice.  They are closer to 50% from the line in their first five games.  I could go on and on about practice verses game time. Are they practice team instead a game team?  They are a nice group of guys. Maybe too nice and losing is OK?

Yesterday’s game had two telling plays back to back that drives me crazy when I think about it.

  1. AVC was made a steal and headed down the court on a 3-1 fast break.  The freshman with the ball made up his mind he was not at all interested in making a pass to a team mate and drove the length of the court and took a shot with the single defender hanging all over him.  He made the extremely difficult shot but the look on his team mates faces….
  2. The next play, AVC had another 3-1 fast break and just the opposite occurred.  The AVC players passed the ball 5 times and dropped the ball out of bounds.  Too much passing!

Every game I say to myself, “They are going to break out this game.”  It hasn’t happened yet. 

AVC 71 Grossmont 73

How do you shoot 3-23(13%)from beyond the arc, shoot 47% from the free throw line get out rebounded by a smaller team and were unable to break down a zone defense, and yet only lose by 2 points?  They played well for 15 minutes and poorly for 25 minutes.  Not going to say anything else other that this was a team loss.

AVC is playing a very talented Barstow College team at 1 pm today.  If AVC plays like they did yesterday, they will be loading up the bus and heading home.  Or is this their breakout game?

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